Dang Dang is a mix of 80s sounds, ranging among new wave, post punk and dark blues.

Dang Dang formed in 2012 by Matteo Castagnoli (The Chics, Ghost of Bell Star, Walls of Lymbo, 64 Slices of American Cheese) and Fabio Borroni (Akemi). Later on 2015, Nicola “Rospo” Bustacchini (The Chics, SybiAnn) joined at the bass and Lara Zambelli (SybiAnn) at synths and vocals. The band decided then to record the first demos without acoustic drums, with synths and drum machines only. In 2016, the attained band releases its first self-produced record: You Should Be Happy. In 2017 Enrico “Enri” Zavalloni becomes permanent member as additional keyboard and acoustic drums player. After three years he signs the release of Dang Dang’s first album Bellaria, out for Atomic Studio Records.

The band has opened for artists including Protomartyr, David Eugene Edwards and Alexander Hacke. In the latest songs the massive use of synths and drum machines leads the band to more dance oriented fields so Dang Dang’s gigs become hypnotic and energetic performances invoking the spirit of Madchester and Acid Factory. Their sound is a mix of classic new wave influences like Depeche Mode, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Bauhaus, Joy Division and relies on art pop vibes of bands such as Talking Heads and Television.

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